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Masterplan Olga-Areal
Site: Stuttgart, Germany
Project Status: Competition, 6th prize
Main Use: Housing
Total Floor Area: 15.000 m²
Number of Housing Units: 200
Landscape Architect: arbos

The task for the new „Olga-Areal“ was to plan an urban block with mixed, but mainly residential use in the Wilhelminian western area of Stuttgart. Our strategy of planning was not to create a new quarter that stands out as something new, but to sensitively integrate and merge it down into the well functioning area. We aimed for a continuous development to the existing city structure. The typical perimeter block was adapted to the „Olga-Areal“. Moreover, the new buildings are adjusted in scale, typology, material and colour to the urban context.

For the new „Olga-Areal“ we re-interpreted the qualities of the main characteristics of Stuttgart West, the so-called „Bauwich“, the opening of the block to the street in small gaps and the depth creating layering of buildings within the block. The inner area of the block becomes accessible to the public through openings either side of the block.
The buildings are arranged in a way as to create a sequence of green areas leading people through the block, but also create private gardens that visually connect to the vast green inside the block.

To compensate for few green areas in the west of Stuttgart, a public green area is generated inside the block that links the small disconnected playground of Kastanienanlage in the neighbourhood to the Elisabethenanlage park, thus creating a new chain of public areas up to the former west station as a spine to the area.
Many new trees are to be planted inside the block to make up for the problematic air conditions in this dense urban area as well as to create shaded outside space for people to meet and gather.