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Trade Fair Stand
Site: Munich, Germany
Project Status: Competition
Main Use: Presentation
Total Floor Area: 72 m²
Structural System: Thread

By cutting a cubic volume, a polyhedral shape is generated that is used as a simple, repetitive system for this trade fair stand at the Expo Real. This new shape works as a spatial module that is hung from the ceiling on a regular grid. Variation in space and spatial quality are not created by adding different modules, but simply by the repetitive arrangement of the same asymmetric module that is turned in steps of 90 degrees.

The module consists of strings that blur the presence of the volume and the definition of space.

Strings are used as a low-tech material weighing very little and therefore easily transported the next fair.

As the created space is not fully perceivable at first glance, it is supposed to make customers curious to enter the stand and to explore the variety of spatial arrangements. Despite the simple system, a complex spatial sequence is created. Strings as a vibrant material blur the border of space and create various shades of transparency.