Nature Pool Tellingstedt
Site: Tellingstedt, Germany
Project Status: Competition
Main Use: Pool
Total Floor Area: 1.030 m²
Structural System: Timber
Collaborator: Polyplan-Kreikenbaum Gruppe (Pool Planner)
Structural Engineer: Bollinger und Grohmann
Landscape Architect: Studio Sörensen Landschaftsarchitektur

The new building for the pool is situated along the northern perimeter of the site from west to east and creates an outside area as large as possible. By opening and ecologically restoring the now tunneled stream that crosses the site, the site is naturally divided into a public space and the actual pool area. Here, an external reed bed filter for the proposed natural water filtration system visualizes the usage of water in the front area of the pool while also contributing to the quality of this small public space.

The building stretches beyond the stream into the public space. The event room located here therefore opens up towards the village. To enter the pool, one has to cross the stream within the building. The interior of the wooden building is clearly laid out and allows for easy orientation, multiple doors create a simple connection between the inside and outside. Three roofs of different heights create a staggered longitudinal building. Their inclination towards the north allows a lot of natural light to penetrate the inside in the upper glazed part of the north façade.

The shape of the pool indicates its close bonds to nature: swimming, non-swimming, jumping and toddlers’ areas are unified into an organically shaped single pool. It adjoins the wooden deck in a straight line along the building and carries on southward from there, developing a soft and sandy shore. Boardwalks separate the areas on the surface of the water. The wet filter needed for the natural water cleaning lines the eastern part of the pool as a separate bed of reed and water lilies, thus emphasizing the connection between water usage and water filtration in a decorative way to all visitors to the pool.